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Short throw projector at an incredible price

In ProjectorsOK we are presenting the new short throw projector Ricoh PJ-X4241. This model is exceptionally good value for money and is one of the cheapest short throw projectors on the market right now.

This projector comes equipped with a wide angle lens that will allow us to make a large screen by projecting from very close. If we put a normal lens projector next to this short lene projector we will see that the Ricoh makes a much larger image. By being able to project closely, we will need less space and avoid shadows in the projection . This is very useful in projectors for education and training , where the teacher, student or speaker are very close to the projection.

The X4241 has HDMI, VGA, LAN connection , and optional Wifi. And it projects videos from a USB memory without the need for a computer, a functionality that very few projectors have (since most from the USB only reproduce JPG images).

Another remarkable feature of this short distance is that it allows us to program its on and off specifying hours and days of the week. Especially convenient when we want the projector to work completely autonomously , for example to project in shops, shop windows, office reception, hotels, etc.

Buy your projector with wide angle lens at the best price in ProjectorsOK and receive it in 24 hours. For purchases of several units consult discounts.


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 770 €  £530
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