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2000 and 2500 lumens LED floodlights at last!

Casio launches the first LED Projectors with 2000 and 2500 lumens We are in luck! The first range of LED Projectors with light powers never seen before in LEDs has been launched on the market: from 2000 to 2500 lumens .
Projector lamps with LED technology have the great virtue of lasting much longer than traditional high-temperature lamps: the manufacturer (Casio) advertises up to 20,000 hours of use , an exceptional duration that will avoid having to invest in replacement lamps at the centers educational and companies that make intensive use of their projectors . These new projectors, equipped with the latest technologies, offer several advantages of great added value : · Unmatched lamp life: 20,000 hours (drastic reduction in maintenance cost). High Brightness from 2,000 to 2,500 lumens depending on the model · Ideal as a portable projector: 4.3 cm in height and 2.3 kg in weight · HDMI digital connection to project High Deficiency. USB and WiFi according to model The new range of Casio LED projectors consists of 8 models:
Led projector Resolution Brightness HDMI USB Wifi Price
XJ-A130 XGA 2000 lumens Yes No No € 749
XJ-A135 XGA 2000 lumens Yes Yes Yes € 899
XJ-A140 XGA 2500 lumens Yes No No € 849
XJ-A145 XGA 2500 lumens Yes Yes Yes € 999
XJ-A230 WXGA / HD 2000 lumens Yes No No € 849
XJ-A235 WXGA / HD 2000 lumens Yes Yes Yes € 999
XJ-A240 WXGA / HD 2500 lumens Yes No No € 999
XJ-A245 WXGA / HD 2500 lumens Yes Yes Yes € 1,179
In fact, some projectors with this technology already existed before, but their brightness was not at all comparable to that of conventional projectors: from the 10-30 (ridiculous?) Lumens of the so-called pico-projectors or pocket projectors, to the 100 or 200 lumens of some compact model from LG and Acer. All of them curious gadgets with virtues for leisure, home theater in the dark, or projections the size of a medium-sized television, but totally insufficient for business and educational use. LED projector connections: - RCA Composite Audio / Video (adapter included) - VGA for computer connection - HDMI digital connection - USB to display photos (available depending on model) On the other hand, now these LED projectors already offer a brightness and resolution equal to conventional projectors and with very good results from what we have verified in our first contact. We look forward to receiving the first 2500 lumens unit for further testing and a head-to-head peer-to-peer comparison with an Epson X8 (our current top seller of also 2500 lumens). Soon we will publish a video where we will compare Traditional Projector vs Led Projector (as we did in HD vs FullHD ). We congratulate Casio and we welcome the LED projector, which will not only be the future, but IN PROJECTORESOK IT IS NOW PRESENT.
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