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5 Tips to make a good presentation (Part 1)

Power Point presentation In this article we are going to explain some of the tips and tricks to make a good PowerPoint presentation. Although it is based on PowerPoint, they are suitable for any other presentation creation software. 1. Maximum 2 or 3 fonts When creating a PowerPoint presentation it is important to limit the number of fonts used throughout the presentation. Using too many fonts can distract your audience. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than 2-3 typefaces in your entire presentation. We recommend sources are:
  • Arial
  • Verdana
  • Most sans-serif fonts.
2. Create a Master or Master It is important to maintain a uniform style in all the slides of the presentation. Most presentation programs allow you to create Masters in order to make all the slides consistent (title positions, text, font size, etc.). It may take a few minutes to do this, but it is highly recommended to avoid problems later. (View menu -> Master -> Slide Master) 3. Choose the color A very common color combination in PowerPoint presentations is a blue or yellow background and white text. We propose other examples:
  • Green background with white and yellow.
  • Purple with white and beige background.
  • Cream and rust brown background.
Any of these combinations work well together. 4. The font does not display as expected This is a common mistake at first: when the presentation is run from a different machine than the one used to create the presentation and the fonts used in the source do not exist. This case has an easy solution: It is enough to tell Powerpoint to save the sources in the PPT file itself. We can activate this option by going to the Tools menu -> Options, in the Save tab, activate the 'Embed TrueType fonts' box. 5. Do not overfill the slides It is important not to include absolutely everything that you want to say in the presentation. The print will be small and the audience will be busy reading everything that appears and will not pay attention. At first. After 5 minutes they will get tired and stop reading and listening. If a slide is very full, it is better to divide it by 2 and make the print larger.
Some ideal projectors for slide shows are: Epson EB-W6 Epson EMP-400W Mitsubishi XD510U Sony VPL-CX150 Toshiba T100
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