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7,000 High Definition lumens: Epson Z8000WU and Z8050W

The Epson Z8050W and Z8000WU are projectors with a high brightness of 7000 and 6000 lumens , more than enough power to project a large screen with vivid and intense colors, making it also in High Definition .

Model Resolution Lumens HD Wifi With Lens Without Lens
EB-Z8050W WXGA 1280x800 7000 HD 720p Yes € 6,950 € 6,400
EB-Z8000WU WUXGA 1920x1200 6000 FullHD 1080p No € 10,900 € 10,500

Epson , a leading brand in professional projectors , has equipped this range for installation with advanced functions and very convenient for this use:

· Motorized Zoom, Focus and Lens Shift They have all the optics settings motorized, which is very practical when the projector is installed and we do not have easy access to the projector.

The Epson EB-Z8050W and EB-Z8000WU projectors have vertical and horizontal Lens Shift · Vertical and Horizontal Lens Shift The vertical and horizontal displacement of the optics will allow us to project diagonally or not completely frontal to the screen without deforming the image and without losing any quality.

· Shutter or motorized diaphragm This is another advanced function found in very few much higher-end machines: the diaphragm or 'shutter', which allows the image to be darkened with the remote control, mechanically blocking out any light generated by the projector. This is perfect in dark environments for shows, theater and cinema, where at certain times we want to pause the projection, without projecting even a hint of light.

· 360º installation You can project to the floor, ceiling or do it with the necessary inclination.

· Interchangeable optics These projectors have 6 interchangeable lenses that allow us to obtain the desired image size from the available projection distance, perfectly adapting to the specific needs of each installation:

Optics Epson ELPLR04Optics Epson ELPLW04Optics Epson ELPLS04Optics Epson ELPLM06Optics Epson ELPLM07Optics Epson ELPLL07
Lens Model Short Lens / Rear Proj. Short Distance Lens Standard Lens Medium Distance Lens 1 Medium Distance Lens 2 Long Distance Lens
Ratio Proy. 0.77: 1 1.3 - 1.8: 1 1.7 - 2.8: 1 2.7 - 4: 1 3.9 - 5.9: 1 5.8 - 8.1: 1
Zoom No Zoom 1.4x 1.6x 1.5x 1.5x 1.4x
screen 60 - 500 " 60 - 500 " 60 - 500 " 60 - 500 " 60 - 500 " 60 - 500 "
Price (*) € 2,600 € 2,600 € 2,600 € 2,600 € 2,600 € 2,600
*) Consult discounts buying a set of projector + optics.

These robust and reliable High Definition and high luminosity projectors have an excellent value for money, since equipment that gathers 6000 and 7000 lumens and HD or FullHD in the same device, in other brands such as Digital Projection , Sony or Panasonic they are much more expensive .

Buy it with a 3-year official warranty from Epson Spain, only at ProjectorsOK.com

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