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Anti-crisis projectors: 12 models of economic projector

Projectors for less than 600 euros Cheap projectors, cheap projectors Projectors have long ceased to be an expensive and exclusive product within the reach of only a few. However, both companies and individuals send us their doubts every day about the purchase of a video projector , and the price is a factor that is gaining weight as the decline in the current economic cycle becomes evident.
From ProjectorsOK, in addition to advising you on what exactly is the projector you need so that you do not spend a single euro too much, we also want to deny the idea that a good projector for the office or for home has to be expensive. That is why we have selected these affordable projectors and have made a comparative table with their main characteristics, in order to see that quality, price and performance are not at odds. Comparative table Economic projectors (March 2009)
Projector Resolution Lumens Contrast Weight Noise Technology Price
Toshiba SP1 SVGA 2000 2000: 1 2.3 Kg 32 dB DLP € 369 OFFER!
Nec NP100 SVGA 2000 1200: 1 2.4 Kg 33 dB DLP € 395 VERY LIGHT
Mitsubishi XD211 XGA 2200 2000: 1 2.7 Kg 32 dB DLP € 435 OFFER!
Sony ES5 SVGA 2000 300: 1 2.9 Kg 33 dB LCD € 449
Epson EB-S6 SVGA 2200 2000: 1 2.7 Kg 28 dB LCD € 469
Nec NP200 XGA 2100 1200: 1 2.4 Kg 33 dB DLP € 470
Toshiba XD2000 XGA 2000 600: 1 2,5 Kg 29 dB LCD € 475OFFER!
Epson EB-X6 XGA 2200 2000: 1 2.8 Kg 28 dB LCD € 499 USB to PC
Mitsubishi XD500 XGA 2200 2000: 1 2.9 Kg 26 dB DLP € 579 SILENT
Sony EX5 XGA 2000 900: 1 3.0 Kg 33 dB LCD € 579
Nec NP300 XGA 2200 500: 1 3.0 Kg 29 dB LCD € 590 WITH NETWORK
Special mention: 3,000 XGA lumens for only 699 euros! Offer Mitsubishi XD470U projector, 3000 lumens We have the last units of the Mitsubishi XD470 projector: a powerful projector (3,000 lumens) at an unbeatable price: 699 euros. We also give you the ceiling mount! If you want luminosity at an affordable price, this is without a doubt your choice. Buy your XD470 online before they are sold out! In conclusion ... As you can see, there are projectors for all budgets! If you don't have a projector yet, it's because you don't want to ;-) If you have doubts about which projector you need, contact us! we are here to help you in everything you need. See you soon!
Rubén Padrós
Sales Dept.
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