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Cheap projectors, cheap projectors, projectors recommendation Projectors have long ceased to be an expensive and exclusive product within the reach of few. However, both companies and individuals send us their doubts about the purchase of a projector every day, and the price is undoubtedly a decisive factor given the current economic cycle.
From ProjectoresOK, in addition to advising you on what exactly the projector you need so that you don't spend a single euro too much, we also want to deny the idea that a good projector for the office, school or home has to be expensive. That is why we have selected these affordable projectors and we have made a comparative table with their main characteristics, to see that quality, price and performance are not at odds. See Offers updated to February 2011 by clicking here Comparison of Projectors with the best quality-price ratio (January 2010)
Projector Resolution Lumens HDMI HD Wifi USB reader Weight Technology Price
Nec NP115 SVGA 2500 No No No No 2.4 Kg DLP € 349
Epson EB-S8 SVGA 2500 No No No No 2.3 Kg LCD € 399
Mitsubishi XD221 XGA 2300 No No No No 3,2 Kg DLP € 425
Epson EB-X8 XGA 2500 Yes No No Jpeg 2.3 Kg LCD € 475
Epson EB-W8 WXGA 2500 Yes Yes No Jpeg 2.3 Kg LCD € 599
Mitsubishi XD280 XGA 3000 Yes No No No 3.3 Kg DLP € 699
Epson EB-85 XGA 2600 No No Yes Jpeg 3.1 Kg LCD € 799
Mitsubishi XD600 XGA 4500 Yes No No No 3.6 Kg DLP € 1,250
Epson EB-1735W WXGA 3000 No Yes Yes Yes 1.8 Kg LCD € 1,299
Nec NP3250 XGA 5000 Yes No Yes Yes 7.5 Kg LCD € 2,299
SVGA projector offer 349 €
% HREF_123%SVGA Nec NP115 projector offer
Nec NP115 2500 lumens.
Budget SVGA projector
Offer XGA, HDMI projector € 475
% HREF_124%Offer Epson EB-X8 XGA projector with HDMI
Epson EB-X8 2500 lumens. 2.3Kg,
HDMI, USB: JPG image viewer.
3 Years Warranty
WiFi projector offer 699 €
% HREF_125%Offer Epson EB-85 WiFi projector
Epson EB-85 WiFi Projector,
2600 lm, lamp. 6000 hours.
3 Years Warranty
If you have doubts about which projector you need, contact us! We will help you in everything in our power to solve your needs and make your purchase a success. See you soon!
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