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Auditorium Projector Christie LX700 / LHD700

At ProyectoresOK we work with the main brands of professional projectors for installation. In this case we will see the projector Christie LHD700, a projector with a resolution of Full HD and a brightness of 7,000 lumens, and the Christie LX700 an XGA projector of also 7,000 lumens. This projector uses 4DColor 4-panel LCD technology, which achieves brighter images and more lifelike colors. The LHD700 projector has several lenses that allow us to project from the distance that best suits us according to its use. It has Vertical and Horizontal Lens Shift and its lens is fully motorized, to be able to adjust the size of the image and its position comfortably, with the remote control. The filter on this Christie is a cartridge type, long-lasting, and will give us up to 10,000 hours of use without maintenance.
Eric Sala
Sales Dept.
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