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Comparativa Full HD: Epson TW3200 vs Mitsubishi HC3800

In our desire to always advise the best options available in the market, we have compared 2 Full HD projectors for home theater: The Epson TW3200 and the Mitsubishi HC3800 , without a doubt 2 top sellers with an excellent value for money. However, as you will see, paying a little more for TW3200 is a worthwhile investment:
  • Much more Contrast and Brightness The Epson projector has a contrast of 25,000: 1 while the Mitsubishi 3,300: 1. Thanks to this and a higher luminosity (1,800 vs 1,300 lumens) with the Epson we will obtain more realistic images and with more intense colors, even making large screens.
  • Flexible optics = Ease of installation Another important advantage is that the Epson TW3200 has a much more complete and powerful optics: its zoom is much wider and this will allow us to make a smaller or larger image from the same distance as with the HC3800. And with the vertical and horizontal adjustment of the Epson optics (the 'lens shift') we can project diagonally and adapt perfectly where we install the projector, for example by placing the projector in a corner or on the side of our living room.
  • Greater Connectivity The Mitsubishi HC3800 has a single HDMI connector, while the Epson EH-TW3200 has 2 HDMI connectors. This will be very useful if we want to connect more than one High Definition device at the same time such as a Blu-ray or DVD and the video game console.
  • Leader's warranty As if that weren't enough, if you buy your Epson home cinema at ProjectorsOK.com, you will have a 3-year warranty on the projector and a 3-year warranty or 4,000 hours on the lamp, something truly exceptional that you will only find in Epson's Home Cinema .
  • Full HD projector Contrast Brightness HDMI Lens Shift? Lamp warranty Price
    Epson EH-TW3200 25,000: 1 1,800 2 Yes 3 years or 4,000h € 999
    Epson EH-TW3600 50,000: 1 2,000 2 Yes 3 years or 4,000h € 1,250
    Mitsubishi HC3800 3,300: 1 1,300 1 No 90 days € 999
    Mitsubishi got a good machine with the HC3800, but Epson has exceeded our highest expectations with the TW3200 and TW3600, improving what it was already very good: its predecessor TW2900. Don't play it, buy your home cinema projector at ProjectoresOK and take advantage of Epson Spain's Official Warranty of 3 years on projector and lamp.
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