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Comparison Optoma HD33 vs Epson TW6000

3D projector model Resolution Contrast Lumens 3-D glasses Price
Optoma HD33 Full HD 3D 1080p 10,000: 1 1,800 Optional € 1,185
Epson TW6000 Full HD 3D 1080p 40,000: 1 2,200 Included (1) € 1,150

We have made a comparison of the Epson TW6000 and Optoma HD33 projectors , two real top sales for home theater . We have connected these two 3D projectors to a blu-ray player via HDMI and we are going to compare the two projected images.

The Optoma HD33 wins in blacks, the Epson TW6000 in brightness: if you are always going to project in the dark, the Optoma is better, but the Epson
Although the theoretical contrast of the Optoma is clearly lower, that figure does not do it justice as it has even deeper blacks. Without calibrating, the colors generated by the HD33 are slightly more vivid than the TW6000. In any case, the images generated by Epson are equally exceptional, and their brightness is much higher, so the Epson will be better for us if we are going to project in bright environments.

The Epson TW6000 offers more flexibility in installation
The Epson lens is better as it has a wider zoom. This allows us to make a small or large image from the same distance as we need. With the optoma we don't have as much flexibility as it has a more limited lens.

The Epson TW6000 is better for 3D projection
Both projectors are 3D , but with the Epson we get a much brighter and more spectacular 3D view than with the Optoma, given that the TW6000% HREF_666. FI% works at much higher refresh rates than HD33. In addition, the Epson includes 3D Glasses , while the Optoma is optional.

Finally, note that the Optoma is a little more compact and somewhat quieter than the Epson TW6000 (both its fan and its auto-iris).

We hope we have cleared up some doubts regarding these two home cinema projectors . Whichever you stay, you can be sure that you will be taking home an excellent projector . Greetings and see you soon

Eric Sala
Sales Dept.
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