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Corporate Interactive Projector EPSON EB-1400Wi

We present the new interactive projectors from EPSON, EB-1400Wi and EB-1410Wi.These advanced interactive projectors include two interactive pens that are perfect for business use: They permit the use of a large interactive whiteboard up to 2 meters in width (100") without the need to install any software, since that functionality is already integrated in the projectors. They also allow for making presentations without a computer as well as connecting whichever device to project images: computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

All of the functions are very easy to use, and in the lower part there is a tool bar where for example, upon clicking the scan button, it will scan the document and you may then see it as it is projected afterwards. Printing is just as quick. Upon clicking the Print button you may print what it is being displayed on the interactive whiteboard at that very moment. The save button will allow us to store the content displayed in JPG or PDF formats, in the USB connected to the control and connections box or to a shared network.

They also include a control and connections box from which you may carry out quickly and simply several functions such as turning the projector on/off, printing or saving.

The other useful function of these projectors is the option of projecting two images simultaneously, for example using the interactive whiteboard while also viewing a videoconference.

If that wasn´t enough, the new EB-1400Wi and EB-1410Wi include WiFi, allowing for the convenient connection from a lap-top or a company network.

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