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Edge Blending projectors, Epson EB-Z10000 Series

We present the new range of professional projectors de Epson EB-Z10000 with high luminosity, reaching 10,000 lumens.

Edge BlendingWe have connected 2 projectors that project using Edge Blending, a system that allows you to use 2 projectors simultaneously in order to generate an image that is twice as bright. In this case, with 2 projectors with 10.000 lumens we have achieved 20.000 lumens with a high definition resolution, close to Full HD.

Edge Blending is very useful when we want to achieve high luminosities or higher resolutions at a considerably lower cost than if we had used a projector that was twice as powerful. This way, we can project very large screen sizes of 20x12 meters for example.

The models that end in 5 are black, and those that end in 0 are white. Let´s look at the different models of the new range of projectors:

Epson ProjectorResolutionLumensHDWith LensWithout Lens
EB-Z10000/Z10005XGA 1024x76810.000No9.150 €8.700 €
EB-Z8150/Z8155XGA 1024x7688.000No6.600 €6.300 €
EB-Z8350W/Z8355WWXGA 1280x8008.500Sí, 720p8.600 €8.150 €
EB-Z8450WU/Z8455WUWUXGA 1920x12007.000Sí, 1080p12.900 €12.250 €

Excellent Connectivity The new range of Epson EB-Z10000 offers a maximum connectivity with current and future devices, a wide range of connections, including two HDMI and WiFi connections that permit us to project through a PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Moreover, the Epson EB-8450WU/5WU provides connection HD-SDI for television and professional broadcast.

Interchangeable Optics These projectors have 6 interchangeable lenses that allow us to attain the desired image size from the available projection distance, adapting perfectly to the concrete needs of each installation:

Epson ELPLR04 OpticsEpson ELPLW04 OpticsEpson ELPLS04 OpticsEpson ELPLM06 OpticsEpson ELPLM07 OpticsEpson ELPLL07 Optics
Lens modelShort Lens / Overhead projectionShort Distance Lens Standard LensMedium Distance Lens 1Medium Distance Lens 2Long Distance Lens
Projection Ratio0,77 :11,3 - 1,8 :11,7 - 2,8 :12,7 - 4 :13,9 - 5,9 :15,8 - 8,1 :1
ZoomWithout Zoom1,4x1,6x1,5x1,5x1,4x
Screen60 - 500 "60 - 500 "60 - 500 "60 - 500 "60 - 500 "60 - 500 "
Price (*)2.600 €2.600 €2.600 €2.600 €2.600 €2.600 €
*) Check out our discounts by purchasing the projector + lens set.

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