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Epson 1775W - Low Cost Portable Lamp Projector

Epson 1775W, 1770W, 1760W and 1750 Portable Projectors The Epson EB-1775W provides bright, high-contrast images with sharp colors. Whether you're traveling on business or moving between meeting rooms, these stylish portable projectors are the ideal choice for smooth and effective presentations. They are very easy to set up and use, so you can focus on your audience and your presentation. Practical and compact, they would go unnoticed if it weren't for their attractive design. Presentations without a PC Forget the weight, leave your computer at the office. Just plug in your USB stick and start your presentations, slide shows or movies. Long- lasting, Low-Cost Lamp Drastic reduction in maintenance cost: these new projectors have a long-life lamp (4000 hours), and their cost is less than 150 euros , something never seen before. Comparison between the new Epson EB-1750 series models:
Model Resolution Panoramic Lumens HDMI HD Wifi Focus Price
EB-1750 XGA 1024x768 No 2600 No No Opt Man € 690
EB-1760W WXGA 1280x800 Yes 2600 Yes Yes (720p) Opt Man € 899
EB-1770W WXGA 1280x800 Yes 3000 Yes Yes (720p) Opt Man € 1,099
EB-1775W WXGA 1280x800 Yes 3000 Yes Yes (720p) Yes Car € 1,199
Extremely portable Weighs only 1.7 kg! Being so lightweight and attractive, the Epson EB-1775 projector deserves a stylish protective carrying case. Accessories are kept in a safe place and can be accessed in seconds. Elegant Attractive and practical at the same time. With a height of only 44mm and its rounded edges, the Epson EB-1775 projector combines its attractive, modern look with a compact design and low weight. A / V mute The sliding lens cap can cut the beam instantly so that the audience is focused solely on you. WiFi Projector With the Epson 1775W, present directly and securely over a wireless network . It is also possible to send video data with sound, as well as remote management of all your projectors connected by network, by LAN cable or WiFi . Convenient, fast and easy
  • No more waiting thanks to its quick start and instant shutdown .
  • Automatic vertical keystone correction and manual horizontal keystone correction always ensure straight, distortion-free images.
  • Its front outlet expels hot air from the front, rather than from the sides, so the projector can be placed close to your audience without fear of disturbing them.
  • The short throw lens allows you to project with little space : 60 "from just 1.45 meters (1.19-1.43: 1 projection ratio).
  • Quick WiFi setup The wireless feature is set up in just 1 minute the first time. Then you just have to connect the automatic WiFi configuration USB memory to the computer and your desktop will be projected.
  • Widescreen resolution (1280 x 800)
  • Resolution equal to that of most notebook computers, so the projector will project exactly what appears on the computer screen without the need to adjust the image.
  • WXGA resolution offers 30% more space compared to XGA resolution.
  • Connect the projector EB-1775 to a Windows Vista computer and enable the Network Projector function - no need to install other applications or have administrator rights.
  • Conclusions: With these new projectors , Epson has significantly improved its previous range of portable projectors EB-1735W and company, offering excellent performance and a very low price , both the purchase of the projector and its replacement lamps ELPLP65% HREF_512 .FI%.
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