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Epson DC21 Video Conferencing and Document Camera

The new Epson DC21 document camera offers us a new way of video conferencing, perfect for the educational and business world. This powerful camera has many applications, it comes equipped with a very high resolution lens that will allow us to show objects with an astonishing sharpness and degree of detail, thanks to its powerful 12x optical zoom and the illumination in its lens. It is ideal for education as well as for the design and presentation of prototypes and products . For example, in science or biology class , this camera can be attached to a microscope and displayed on a large screen. Or in engineering studies, to teach and design circuits and components with incredible precision and detail.

In addition, its articulated arm allows the camera to be positioned for videoconferencing , which makes it a valuable and powerful resource for online education and teleworking , making possible interesting and productive videoconferences , with a high level of detail and flexibility.

By using this Epson document camera together with a projector, students will be able to follow the class while maintaining a safe distance, since very small objects will be perfectly visible to them while sitting in their place, thanks to the large image displayed by projectors.

Another advantage of using the Epson DC21 is that it will allow us to display documents in a very comfortable way since we will not have to scan the documents we want to show. We can also record what we are showing on an SD card and on the computer, to send it by email or post it in the cloud.

The DC21 is portable and comes with a handy padded carrying case, allowing a single camera to serve multiple classrooms and meeting rooms.

Camera model Resolution Optical Zoom Digital Zoom Price
Epson DC21 Camera Full HD (1920x1080) 12x 10x € 449
Epson DC13 Camera Full HD (1920x1080) - 16x € 399

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Rubén Padrós
Sales Dept.
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