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Epson EB-1915 range, 4000 lumens and horizontal keystone

After the success of the predecessor range of Epson EMP-1800 projectors , the Japanese manufacturer has launched the new EB-1900 series that improves performance, offering light powers of 4,000 lumens , and a rare and very Useful: Horizontal Keystone correction, with an aperture of +/- 20º. These are very versatile projectors, suitable for companies as well as for educational centers and individuals who need a large screen (over 2 meters wide) or are going to project in a very bright environment . Horizontal Keystone only on Epson 1915 and 1925W The models EB-1915 and EB-1925W are especially suitable for those cases in which we cannot project frontally perpendicular to the wall or screen, and we will have need to project diagonally , which requires Horizontal Keystone correction. In addition, these 2 models have a greatly expanded connectivity, offering HDMI , WiFi , and USB connection compatible with various video formats and which is ideal for presentations without a PC . Another interesting feature of the new range is its wide lens , with projection ratios 1.62 - 2.61: 1 for the XGA models, and 1.45 - 2.33: 1 for the WXGA (widescreen). This allows a great flexibility of installation , and project from further away than with other non-interchangeable lens projectors. Let's see a comparative table of the different models that make up the new Epson EB-1900 series , with their main characteristics:
Projector Resolution Keystone HDMI USB, no PC Wifi Epson Web Price POK price
EB-1910 XGA V No Yes (JPG) No € 1,999 -27% € 1,460
EB-1915 XGA H, V Yes Yes Yes € 2,399 -37% € 1,500
EB-1920W WXGA V No Yes (JPG) No € 2,099 -21% € 1,650
EB-1925W WXGA H, V Yes Yes Yes € 2,499 -22% € 1,950
EB-1830 * XGA V No Yes (JPG) No € 1,799 -21% € 1,420
*) The 1830 model is identical to the 1910 but with 3,500 lumens. As for the 1900 model, it is an initial decaffeinated version of the 1910, with stripped connectivity and functionalities ... It is discontinued. All the projectors in the series weigh 3.4 kg and come with a practical carrying bag , to protect the projector while it is not being used and to carry it up and down comfortably. As you can see, there are models for all tastes and above all, to cover all the needs that may arise in the business and educational world. You have just had a good summer! Cheers
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