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Epson EB-1970W perfect for business

At ProjectorsOK we have tested Epson's new EB-1970W series models that are perfect for the business world. These projectors have a very bright 5000 lumens lamp that will allow us to project large screens without worrying about the light in the meeting room. They are also High Definition projectors reaching a resolution of FullHD, they generate clear images, for impressive presentations. All this range of projectors incorporates an integrated WiFi connection, which will allow us to connect a computer, an iPad or an Android tablet without cables. It also comes with 2 HDMI and USB connections for presentations without a PC (photos, powerpoint and PDF). It also has automatic settings to get there and start projecting quickly: The 'Screen Fit' function, which will adjust the image to the screen with a single click; And the focus assist function, to have a perfectly focused image with maximum ease.
Eric Sala
Sales Dept.
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