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Epson EB-420, the best short distance projector

We present the new short distance projector Epson EB-420. The projectors that are short distance allow us to enlarge an image from a shorter distance. In the video we place a normal projector alongside one with a short distance lense: we can see clearly that the short distance projector creates an image 4 times larger from the same distance as the other one.
The range of the Epson EB-420 is ideal for education and training purposes since projecting from a short distance allows for a shadow-free projection. This makes it the ideal accessory for interactive whiteboards and training classrooms.
All of the models have HDMI and USB connection in order to make presentations without the need of a computer, and they rely on practical accessories that are optional: a WiFi module for wireless presentations, an Interactive Sensor that enables you to continue on to use a digital whiteboard in an economic fashion, and a Visualizer for directly projecting text and objects without a computer. .
The short distance projectorlamp has an exceptional time duration of 6000 hours, reducing the maintenance cost.
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Short Distance Proj.ResolutionLumensHDMIUSBHDRatio Proj.Price
Epson EB-420XGA2.500No0,55:1575 €SALE
Epson EB-425WWXGA2.500720p0,48:1849 €
Epson EB-430XGA3.000No0,55:1849 €
Epson EB-435WWXGA3.000720p0,48:1975 €