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Epson EB-475Wi interactive projector

In ProjectorsOK we present Epson's new interactive projectors , EB-475Wi and EB-485Wi. These projectors have the ability to turn the projection into an interactive whiteboard .

These ultra short throw projectors can make a screen up to 2 meters wide (100 inches diagonal) projecting from just 30cm away. In this way we will not receive glare when we stand in front of the projection and we will not make shadows. They include a sturdy adjustable wall bracket to avoid extra expenses.

Projector Resolution Lumens Interactive Panoramic Optics Price
Epson EB-475Wi WXGA 2600 Yes Yes Ultra Short € 1,199 OFFER
Epson EB-485Wi WXGA 3100 Yes Yes Ultra Short € 1,550
Epson EB-470 XGA 2600 No No Ultra Short € 995 OFFER
Epson EB-480 XGA 3100 No No Ultra Short € 1,100
Epson EB-475W WXGA 2600 No Yes Ultra Short € 1,100
Epson EB-485W WXGA 3100 No Yes Ultra Short € 1,250

With these new interactive projectors 475Wi and 485Wi, 2 people can work simultaneously with the digital whiteboard, which will be very useful in educational and training environments.

In addition, through the optional Wi-Fi module, we can make our presentations without a computer , connecting our iPad, iPhone or Android device directly to the projector, wirelessly and even being able to make annotations directly from our mobile or tablet.

Another of its unique advantages in the market is that the calibration of the digital whiteboard is carried out automatically, simplifying its installation and operation to the maximum. And you can use the POI without a computer with just the projector!

As if that were not enough, the maintenance cost of this projector is incredibly low since its lamp has a record life of 6,000 hours and its replacement costs only € 114, when it normally lasts about 3,000 hours and cost more than € 200.

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