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Epson EB-G5150: ideal for installation in large rooms

Epson EB-G5000 Series projectors are powerful, bright, and can be ceiling mounted to reach large audiences. A unique combination of innovative features and smart design simplifies setup, operation and control to dramatically enhance the audience's viewing experience. Manufactured in accordance with the strictest environmental standards, these projectors are cost effective and provide exceptional quality over the long term. These projectors are ideal for very large company meetings or shareholders' meetings; for theaters and auditoriums of educational or cultural institutions; for digital signage in airports or shops; for large special events such as conferences, official events or sports competitions. -Natural and bright images Epson EB-G5000 Series projectors produce sharp, bright images with high color fidelity on screens up to 300 inches (diagonal). Image quality is exceptional in any ambient lighting, even daylight, allowing for great flexibility in room setup. This high quality is achieved thanks to two patented technologies. Epson 3LCD offers natural color reproduction and the Epson compensation filter achieves a very high native contrast ratio (up to 1000: 1). -Controlling the projectors via the network From a computer running the Epson Network monitoring and control software, you can easily check the available projectors and whether they are operating efficiently, regardless of the size of the network. You can configure Epson projectors remotely, as well as receive instant alerts on predefined critical indicators, such as devices not working or lamps overheated. Users have instant access to their projector settings and online IT support. Controlling the settings and timing of the projectors enables efficient operation, reducing energy consumption. A great show with more screens You can connect your computer to up to four different projectors, using a wired or wireless LAN, to project onto all screens. You can display your images on multiple screens, in panoramic format or as a large square, which is extremely useful for viewing complex spreadsheets or panoramic images. You can also display up to four different images, each from a different application, and switch from one to another.
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