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Epson EMP-410W Short Throw Projector (short throw)

Short throw projectors are relatively new to the market. The 410W projector achieves a sharp, well-focused 60 "image just 65cm from the projection surface. Our test unit was bright enough for any application in a moderately lit classroom. The lamp It has a lifetime of 4000 hours in economy mode and costs approximately € 275. Epson EB 410W Projector The wall mount option allows the projector to be mounted directly on the screen. This has several advantages, such as allowing the teacher to work on the board without interfering with the image and thus avoiding shadows. In addition, the projector will be away from the students, preventing them from manipulating it. The wall mount can be purchased for € 155. % HREF_73%Epson EB 410W wall mount The 410W has a network connection (RJ45), with which the projector can be configured so that it can be controlled remotely, this will be very useful when the projector is left alone in the classroom.Epson EB 410W Projector However, if you want a panoramic image with a projector hanging above the screen, being able to work close to the screen without casting a shadow on the image and without being dazzled by the Epson 410W is a good choice.
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