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Epson Laser Projectors high luminosity

We have tested Epson's new installation projectors like the EB-L11000. This range of professional projectors are equipped with Laser LCD technology that will give us long-lasting performance of up to 30,000 hours. Several years of intensive use without any other expense or maintenance!
ProyectorLaserResoluciónLúmenes24 7GarantiaHorasPrecio
Epson EB-L1100USiWUXGA6000Si5 años30000£5,732
Epson EB-L1200USiWUXGA7000Si5 años30000£11,392
Epson EB-L1300USiWUXGA8000Si5 años30000£12,215
Epson EB-L1405USiWUXGA8000Si5 años30000£11,348
Epson EB-L1500USiWUXGA12000Si5 años30000£18,690
Epson EB-L1715SSi15000Si5 años30000£16,316
Epson EB-L1755USiWUXGA15000Si5 años30000£16,821
In addition, these projectors offer exceptional image quality, thanks to their improved resolution for 4K content and their extremely high dynamic contrast of 2,500,000: 1. They are high luminosity projectors, reaching 12,000 lumens. These Epson Laser projectors allow projection in Edge Blending, with which we can project a very large image using several projectors at the same time. These Epsons are equipped with cameras and sensors that will greatly simplify adjustments and image calibration. The interchangeable lenses of these led projectors are motorized and allow adjustment of zoom and focus with the remote control. Get your professional led projector at www.proyectoresok.com
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