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Epson `LED´: Offer projectors with 2 replacement lamps

The leading manufacturer of projectors Epson has released some very interesting packs on offer , to compete with the much sought after LED projectors . These are projector packs with 2 replacement lamps , so their useful life without investment in maintenance goes up to 15,000 hours .

The best thing about these packs is that we will keep an excellent projector, of proven quality and with a 3-year warranty , and we will also have a durability similar to LED projectors . In the experience of our customers, the only comparable LED projectors in brightness, the Casio, are machines with some cooling problems, noise, and unrealistic colors.

Model Resolution Useful life Weight and extras Offer Price
Epson EB-X12 XGA 15,000 (5,000x3) 2.3 Kg, USB and HDMI 652 €
Epson EB-1750 XGA 12,000 (4,000x3) 1.7 Kg, USB (JPG viewer) € 880
Epson EB-1760W WXGA / HD 12,000 (4,000x3) 1.7 Kg, USB, HDMI, WiFi € 1,020

This is a promotion valid until 3/31/2012 and we think it is very worth it: if you are thinking of buying an LED projector to forget about replacement lamps, hurry up and take advantage of this opportunity!

Offer Epson X12 `LED´ projector with 2 lamps

Offer Epson 1750 'LED' projector with 2 lamps

Offer Epson 1770W `LED´ projector with 2 lamps and WiFi module

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