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Epson projectors renewal plan save up to € 250

Plan Renove 2020 Epson projectors --INIART - Renew the projectors you have now and save up to € 250 per projector. Take advantage of these discounts!
  • It does not matter what brand are the projectors you are going to renew
  • Promotion valid until December 30, 2020

  • Plan Renove 2020 Epson projectors

    Projectors included in the EPSON 2020 Renove Plan:
    Proyector RenoveLenteResol.LúmensInteractivoLed(Láser)PrecioPromo
    Epson EB-530CortaXGA3200NoNo599£489
    Epson EB-980WNormalHD3800NoNo725£601
    Epson EB-680UltracortaXGA3500NoNo899£747
    Epson EB-990UNormalFull HD3800NoNo949£800
    Epson EB-685WiUltracortaHD3500No1090£881
    Epson EB-695WiUltracortaHD3500No1490£1,237
    Epson EB-1480FiUltracortaFull HD50002690£2,172
    Epson EB-1485FiUltracortaFull HD50003490£2,884

    Ask us to apply the discounts to your order, indicating the model and number of units.

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