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Epson TW5200 vs Optoma HD26

We compared two of the best-selling entertainment projectors, the Optoma HD26 and the Epson TW5200. Both projectors have a very high resolution, FullHD 1080P , and are intended for home theater, watching football and video games. The Epson TW5200 has a brightness of 2000 lumens and the Optoma HD26 of 3200 lumens, although the brightness of the Epson TW5200 is lower. that it produces images that are clearly brighter than the Optoma HD26. The contrast of Epson TW5200 is 15000: 1 and the contrast of Optoma HD26 is 25000: 1 , which makes both produce high quality images and Level of detail. If we look at the image in detail we will see that the Optoma HD26 projector achieves an image with darker black tones than the Epson TW5200 projector. If we compare a color image the Epson has more intense colors than the Optoma. The Epson TW5200 projector has a better lens since it has a wider zoom that allows us to make a bigger or smaller screen depending on what we need. It also has horizontal image correction so we can project diagonally from one side of the room. The Epson TW5200 projector has an optional wifi module that will allow us to connect it directly to an iPad or android tablet without cables. Both projectors are real 3D, and therefore in both cases we can directly connect a Blu-Ray 3D or a game console and project in 3D .
Rubén Padrós
Sales Dept.
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