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Home projector Resolution Contrast Lumens HDMI Price (VAT incl.)
Epson EB-W42 HD 720p 15,000: 1 3,600 1 599 €
Epson EB-U42 Full HD 1080p 15,000: 1 3,600 2 € 699
Optoma UHD380X 4K Ultra HD 500,000: 1 3,500 2 € 1,572

Have fun at home with this home theater projector, the Epson EB-U42 . It has a Full HD 1080p resolution perfect for both home and work, and together with its high contrast of 15,000: 1 it will give us spectacular images, with realistic colors and a high degree of detail.

The Epson TW5400 has horizontal and vertical Keystone The Epsons have a very versatile lens, which allows us to project diagonally, from anywhere in the room. The horizontal and vertical keystone , together with its wide zoom , will allow us maximum flexibility when using the projector at home.

The Epson EB-U42 and the Epson EB-W42 are high-brightness projectors, for maximum enjoyment at any time of day. They also have a WiFi connection that will allow you to project photos and content directly from your mobile, tablet and computer.
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