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Interactive laser projector Epson EB-1485Fi

We are facing the 5th generation of interactive projectors from Epson , the manufacturer with the most experience and success and sales in interactive projectors, with great added value for both business meetings and education and training.

This powerful laser projector automatically converts our projecting surface into a large interactive screen of up to 120 inches , without the need to buy any special whiteboards or software. In addition, we can achieve an impressive giant interactive screen without equal in the market of up to 4 x 1.5 meters (more than 150 inches ), with 2 projectors Epson EB-1485Fi working together in edge blending .

And why do we need such a large image? Well, so that the content of the presentation is read without problems in classrooms of 20 students or more and medium and large meeting rooms. An interactive screen less than 85 inches is useless except for meeting rooms of 4-5 people.

The new interactive projector Epson EB-1485Fi / Epson EB-1480Fi is of laser technology, so we can finally forget about the lamps and maintenance: they work until 30,000 hours, or what is the same, many years of intensive daily use. For our peace of mind , Epson Spain includes a 5-year Warranty on the entire range of interactive projectors.

Proyector InteractivoTamaño Máx.Resol.LumensHorasPrecio
Epson EB-1485Fi Láser120" (150"*)Full HD500030000£2,572
Epson EB-1480Fi Láser120"Full HD500030000£2,394
Epson EB-695Wi100"HD350010000£1,402
Epson EB-685Wi100"HD350010000£1,103
*) We can make a 155 "interactive screen with 2 units of EB-1485Fi in edge blending

The interactive touch function of the Epson EB-1485Fi allows us to work directly with it as if it were a giant tablet. We can also use the 2 electronic markers that are included with the projector. These interactive laser projectors are multi-touch and allow 2 people to work at the same time with both the electronic pen and the finger indistinctly.

Both the Epson EB-1485Fi and the Epson EB-1480Fi have built-in WiFi, which will allow us to project images directly and comfortably from an Android mobile phone or iPhone, tablet, or computer. They are Miracast certified projectors to make screen mirroring without problems. In the lamp models EB-695Wi and EB-685Wi the wireless functionality is achieved with the optional WiFi module ELPAP10.

Order your interactive screen solution with a 5-year Warranty at ProyectoresOK.com now, and receive it in 24 / 48h.

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