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Interactive whiteboards, technology at the service of training

Interactive whiteboards, electronic whiteboards interactive whiteboards show images of a PC on their surface and allow the teacher or presenter to handle the texts, drawings, diagrams, graphics or data displayed with an electronic pen that works like a computer mouse . The multitude of applications of these slates allows to improve and complement the explanations of the teacher or speaker, as well as the interaction of this with the students or colleagues:
  • Allows you to add notes and save the result electronically without interrupting the explanation.
  • Allows you to show Internet searches instantly.
  • Whiteboard content can be saved as electronic data and shared via email or other means.
  • Using the electronic pen, the computer can be used from the board.
  • There is the possibility of organizing remote meetings by audio or videoconference.
  • It allows inserting audiovisual elements (photos, maps, sounds, etc.) to help understanding or emphasize certain points.
Characteristics of these interactive whiteboards:
  • Large screen (77 inches)
  • Durable, glare-free surface, usable area 1,165 x 1,502 mm
  • Convenient electronic pen
  • Ideal applications for training, meetings and presentations
  • Simple and practical use
Electronic pen for interactive whiteboards The electronic pen for interactive whiteboards puts new functions at your fingertips and makes the whiteboard a more effective teaching tool. Unlike conventional electronic whiteboards, the electronic pen can also be used as an eraser, avoiding having to use a different device each time you want to make a change. This also helps keep the slate clean. Its operation is simple: just press the button and press the tip of the pencil on the surface of the board to achieve the same thing that you would click with the right button of the mouse on a PC. If you press the button and quickly double-click on the board, the indicator will change to a pointer (an arrow tool), even if you use a different tool. This simple 2-in-1 operation increases comfort and efficiency during exposure. UB-T780 interactive whiteboard with kickstand The recommended projectors for interactive whiteboards are the ultra-short projectors ("Short Throw"), since they allow a project very close to the whiteboard and thus avoid the speaker from being placed in the middle of the projection and cast shadows on it. In addition, they also prevent the speaker from receiving glare from the projector when looking at their students or meeting attendees. Some of these projectors are the Epson EMP-400W, the Mitsubishi XD500UST, or the Nec WT610. The board's surface is tough enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use, and with no electronic components, minor scratches won't affect its performance. The surface is also created with a special material that minimizes light reflections so that very little flare occurs and projected images can be easily seen.
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