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Junction Boxes for projector installation

An objective that we always have at ProyectoresOK is to help our Clients, searching among the existing products and solutions, the best ones to offer them and make your work as easy as possible.
In this case we have thought it very convenient to create a new pack that contains a Connection box and Cabling for interactive projectors Epson 450Wi and 460i, with everything necessary to install them without problems, Perfect to make life easier to the installers! This practical pack of Connection box for Projector and Interactive Whiteboard includes:
  • Box with female VGA connections, USB (Type B / the square, or A / 'normal') and 3.5mm mini-jack Audio
  • Cabling for 10 meters:
  • - 10 meter VGA video cable, male termination to connect to the projector - 10m stereo audio cable. Termination options: 3.5mm jack or 2xRCA (red and white plug) - 5m active extender USB cable to connect to the 5m cable that comes included with the 450Wi / 460i Important: A 10m USB cable is cheaper and easier to install but we have verified that it does not work: the USB standard is limited to 5m, and even though the USB is a shielded cable and 'twisted pair', the signal weakens so much that at 6 meters the computer no longer detects the board and / or gives errors of USB device. With the USB extender included in this pack, the installation will work perfectly up to 9-10 meters. The housing of the USB signal amplification and filtering device can be removed very easily so that it takes up even less space and thus can be better hidden / integrated in the conduit or in some available space that is halfway between the projector and the control box. connections. Consult us for an option with a 12 meter extender (reaching up to a theoretical 17m with the 5m cable of the 450Wi / 460i). For distances of more than 15-17 meters there will be no other option than to use transmitters by CAT5 network cable (consult). You may also be interested in the Pack of 2m VGA + Audio + USB cables to give the customer a comprehensive service: if the customer buys them, they are likely to buy them at the first computer store they find , give them the cheapest VGA cable or the only one they have, then the customer does not see the image well and complains to you that the installation does not work well. With our cables you will save yourself problems.
    Other Junction Boxes for installation
    If we do not need the USB because the installation is not of an interactive whiteboard, but of a 'normal' projector, we have the same box but without the USB: Connection box with VGA + Audio and Option to also put 3x RCA DVD module for composite video + audio (yellow, red and white connectors) or RGB component video (red, green and blue connectors).
    In a few days we will launch a new section of Installation Packs for Education , customizable sets of projector and interactive whiteboard (or screen) that will make your life easier, since they include everything you need to carry out audiovisual installations : gutters, wiring, documentation and even the screws! If you are a professional installer, with these packs you can do the installation with all the guarantees without needing anything else. Take advantage of all our experience! We make it impossible for you ... Subscribe to our Newsletter and you will have access to this new exclusive tool from ProjectorsOK.
    For any questions or technical clarification, send us an email or call us at 93 503 47 43. Greetings!
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