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La Vanguardia interviews ProyectoresOK

La Vanguardia interviews ProyectoresOK Interview with ProyectoresOK.com published on December 30, 2010 in La Vanguardia's New Technologies Yearbook 2010.

"The features that differentiate us are the quality of the product and the personalized treatment"

ProyectoresOK.com is a company specialized in the online sale and distribution of projectors, interactive whiteboards and their accessories. To find out in more detail what their work consists of, we spoke with Rubén Padrós and Eric Sala, managers of the company. When did ProyectoresOK.com start up? ES: It was five years ago, a time in which we have managed to carve out a niche in the sector and consolidate our trajectory, something not easy when it comes to working solely on the online channel as we do. What profile do your customers respond to? RP: We mainly address companies and educational centers and, to a lesser extent, also individuals who are looking for equipment of this type to install at home. More and more companies are turning to projectors as a communication tool (meetings, training, sales, etc.), and the same can be said of schools, where interactive whiteboards are making their way at a very good pace. ES: We have as clients from SMEs to large companies such as Iberdrola, Inditex, or Barcelona City Council. What differentiates ProjectorsOK from its competitors? ES: There are two aspects that define us very well. The first is the quality of our offer: We have agreements with various manufacturers (one of them Epson ), but when it comes to advising our clients we do not marry anyone, but we choose to recommend the projector that best suits their needs. . The second pillar of our work philosophy is service, both before and after the sale. Uniting these two aspects - quality and service - is how we have managed to be a point of reference in the projector market in Spain. RP: In this sense, it should also be said that ProyectoresOK takes care - if the client wishes - to install the equipment it sells, thus closing the circle of service to the company or school.

In just five years, ProyectoresOK.com has become a reference in our country

Is the projectors a sector that evolves rapidly at a technological level? RP: Yes, improvements are constantly being made at all levels: size, performance, resolution ... As an example, one of the great successes of recent times is an Epson projector that also incorporates an interactive whiteboard, so With a very tight investment, the client can obtain the best benefits. In any case, this rapid evolution means that we have to be very careful when choosing those products that offer something really relevant to our customers. What are the future plans of the company? ES: To continue specialized in the world of projectors and interactive whiteboards, since this policy is what has allowed us to position ourselves and grow in these five years. On the other hand, we are convinced that continuing to offer good products, good service and personalized attention will allow us to continue to have a high degree of customer satisfaction.


Earlier this year, Epson released two projector models ( EB-450Wi and EB-460i) as a world first that eliminate the need for a whiteboard interactive, turning any surface, including the classroom wall itself, into an interactive surface, allowing significant savings in the total cost of this type of facility, which is increasingly common in classrooms in our country. These projectors turn any surface (the wall or a traditional blackboard for example) into a large interactive space, where the image is projected and at the same time acts as a digital whiteboard, detecting writing and strokes with the electronic pen that is included with the projector. Both models are on sale at www.proyectoresok.com
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