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Large touch screens

3D projection support Introducing the new range of giant touch screens, these screens come in sizes over 84 inches that will be perfect for meeting rooms and school classes.
Whether it's in a classroom or a meeting room, there are cases where holding everyone's attention is challenging. The touch screen opens up new avenues for creative gathering, sharing ideas, and making decisions.
How to install it?
Polarized filters These screens can be installed in different ways, the most common is hanging on the wall, this type of installation will be done with large screens since our audience can be at a certain distance from the screen without missing any detail. Another type of installation is to put it on the table in the meeting room as if it were a giant iPad, normally for this option smaller screens of about 40 inches are used.
Best-selling touchscreens in all sizes
 2250 €  £0
Projector Offer Sharp 40"
Sharp 40"FullHD, multitactil
Para salas pequeñas
 4720 €  £0
Projector Offer Sharp 65"
Sharp 65" Multi tactil de, gran tamaño
¡Perfecta para salas grandes!
 6800 €  £4,983
Projector Offer Vivitek 84 "
Vivitek 84 " Multitactil extra grande 4K
Para grandes salas
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Multi-touch function for greater interaction
Polarized filters The vast majority are equipped with powerful enough stereo speakers to deliver clear and effective sound in classrooms and large rooms. In addition, the touch function allows two users to work simultaneously so that the teacher and the student can be working at the same time with the touch screen.
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