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Mitsubishi HC6000, projector for Home Cinema

Mitsubishi HC6000 projector Last year, Mitsubishi definitely positioned itself in the home theater market with the launch of 2 projectors: the HC5000 1080p and the much cheaper 720p HC1500. Both models have exceptional video quality, at very affordable prices, and substantially improve this brand in the world of home cinema projectors. This year the company has been making significant product improvements, also accompanied by a reduction in prices.
Mitsubishi HC6000 improvements compared to HC5000
1. Contrast increases from 10,000: 1 to 13,000: 1 2. Auto-iris is now 100 times faster, greatly improving adaptation to changes in lighting. 3. The DVI input on the HC5000 has been replaced with a second HDMI port. 4. HDMI version 1.3 is now supported (the HC5000 was HDMI 1.2) 5. Zoom and focus includes a "fine step" to change the zoom and focus option in small increments. 6. Added vertical keystone correction. 7. A second outside air filter has been added, which extends the life of the lamp. 8. The display menu has been improved. 9. The official price has been reduced by € 1000.
HC6000 Specifications
Brightness: 1,000 ANSI lumens Contrast: 13,000: 1 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, native 16: 9 format, 3 0.74 "LCD inorganic panels, with 160w lamp. Connections: 2 HDMI 1.3 ports, 15-pin VGA, 3 -RCA input, S-video, composite video, 12V trigger (useful for activating eg motorized screens), RS-232 port Zoom: 1.6x Noise: 19dB (They are the quietest projectors on the market!) Lamp: 2,000 hours (5,000h in Eco mode) Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years
General description
Output Lumens: Testing on the HC6000 reaches over 900 lumens at its brightest setting. Long lamp life : One of the main characteristics of the HC6000 is the useful life of the lamp at 5,000 hours in economy mode, in normal mode it is 2,000 hours. For those who use the projector a lot this can be a great money saver. In economy mode the light is reduced by 23% and the projector produces a quality image with sufficient contrast with 120 "screens whenever you are in a dimly lit room. HC6000 Connections Lens and distance : Both models have a 1.6 magnification zoom and a vertical and horizontal corrector. The projector is brightest when the lens is at its widest adjustment angle. Using the zoom to the maximum the light output is reduced by approximately 24%, which is less than the reduction in light that we have seen in most 1.6x zooms. Installation: The HC6000 is designed for easy installation, either on the ceiling or on a platform. However, the ideal solution, if the room allows it, is a ceiling mount located behind the audience, to allow you to keep the zoom setting in the neutral position. Video processor: Both models use HQV. There is no difference between the HC5000 and the HC6000 in this regard. It is difficult to find an equivalent projector that the price is below € 6000. Mitsubishi HC6000: Full HD Projector Noise and temperature: Both models are very quiet. In silent mode the rating is almost 19 dB. If you are planning to install the projector in a small room, the HC6000 is an excellent choice for two reasons. First of all, how little noise it makes. Secondly, its 160W lamp that does not emit as much heat as other projectors with more powerful lamps, achieving a similar performance.
HC6000 vs HC5000:
a notable difference
Comparing it with the HC5000 we find the first most important improvement is the contrast from 13000: 1 to 10000: 1. This is due in part to the native contrast enhancement, and the higher speed of its dynamic iris. The HC6000 has an iris adjustment speed that does not exceed one tenth of a second, rendering its action unnoticeable. Black levels are deeper, colors more saturated, and the image looks even sharper and three-dimensional than the HC5000 did. In summary, although the HC6000 seems to offer modest changes, the truth is that the dynamic range, color saturation and image sharpness are improved more than we expected.
Eric Sala
Sales Dept.
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