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Mitsubishi XD211U, an exceptional quality / price ratio

Mitsubishi XD211U Projector The new XD211U projectors combine the features of an advanced DLP® (Digital Light Processing) chip, a newly developed optical engine and a 180W high-efficiency light source to produce an incredible image with colors. intense and alive. Plus, thanks to their compact and lightweight design, these new portable projectors allow convenient portability and quick setups for your out-of-office presentations.
Color reproduction
The new XD211U portable projectors are equipped with the innovative BrilliantColorTM technology that achieves the greatest color richness and the best images that appear sharp and radiant; a 5-segment color wheel (R, G, B, W, Y) and a dynamic lamp brightness control system for far superior and more natural color reproduction.
Integrated and removable remote control
Mitsubishi XD211U safety measure: The control panel is also the remote control of the projector The control knob can be removed from the projector to be used as a remote control, thus removing it can lock and prevent others from making adjustments to the projector, as well as deterring theft. It also includes a second remote control in case the original is lost.
Anti-theft security hook
An anti-theft security hook is built into the projector to prevent theft and any unauthorized removal of the projector.
Instant shutdown
When you're done presenting, just press the on / off button and unplug the projector. Designed with an instant power off feature, you no longer have to waste a moment waiting for the projector to shut down completely. Thanks to this system there are no longer closing delays and the projector allows you to keep up with your busy schedule of presentations.
Easy setup
With the automatic search function, all connected input sources appear automatically, so the user is not distracted by manually selecting the appropriate source. In addition, the +/- 20º vertical keystone correction and the 1.2x optical zoom provide users with greater flexibility when it comes to positioning themselves in a suitable position.Mitsubishi XD211U connections
Intensity of the targets
Users have the flexibility to adjust the illumination intensity of the color wheel white up to 11 different levels. Allowing users to configure overall brightness and image parameters according to their individual preferences to achieve the optimum high-contrast image quality to brighten up PC images.
Eric Sala
Sales Dept.
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