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NEC VT800, ideal for large university classrooms

NEC VT800 Projector The NEC VT800, is a 1024x768 LCD projector. Its weight is 3.7 kg, although it is slightly heavier than most projectors of its size, it is because it comes equipped with a large number of features. The VT800 has one HDMI port, two VGA ports, one monitor-out port, one USB, and one RJ45 network connector. We can connect a flash drive to the USB port and play slideshows without the help of any computer, and the network connection will not only allow us to present at a distance but we can also manage it remotely. The VT800 is a projector with a very bright 2700 lumens lamp. This is more light than can be needed in any average size classroom or meeting room. This projector is ideal in large classrooms such as a university. Despite its high light output, it operates almost silently, in eco mode only 29dB.NEC VT800 Projector Something that we did not like is the system menu, it has two levels of hierarchy that we find somewhat confusing. It also comes equipped with a 5 watt speaker sufficient for small rooms, but for larger rooms we will need external speakers. The VT800 really does produce a brilliant image when it comes to a large-scale installation, it is a widely used projector in college classrooms. In addition, its remote management capability makes life easier for those responsible for maintenance and repair. The price-quality ratio of this projector is very good.
Eric Sala
Sales Dept.
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