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New Epson EB-S9 / X9 / W9 and EB-X10 / W10

Projector Resolution Lumens HDMI USB High Def. Ratio Proy. Price
Epson EB-X10 XGA 2600 Yes Yes No 1.48 - 1.77: 1 € 499 XGA OFFER
Epson EB-W10 WXGA 2600 Yes Yes 720p 1.30 - 1.56: 1 € 599 HD OFFER
Epson EB-S9 SVGA 2500 No No No 1.45 - 1.96: 1 € 399
Epson EB-X9 XGA 2500 No No No 1.48 - 1.77: 1 € 475
Epson EB-W9 WXGA 2500 No No 720p 1.30 - 1.56: 1 € 550 HD 720p
Epson launches the new EB-9 and EB-10 series projectors. These projectors have an attractive and practical design that has been awarded internationally, and at the same time offer great performance: their brightness of 2,500 to 2,600 lumens allows projecting with ambient light, their 3LCD system provides extraordinary image quality, and their lamp has a record life of 5,000 hours . The Epson X10 and Epson W10 projectors have an HDMI connection that will allow you to watch your favorite movies without loss of quality and in High Definition panoramic format. They also incorporate a USB connection to view photos or presentations without the need for a computer, just by connecting a pen drive, mobile or your camera. They have everything you could ask for in a projector at a great price! Due to their characteristics, they are sure to be a top seller.
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