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New Epson EB-X7 / W7 / S7 and Epson EB-X8 / W8 / S8

Epson X8 / W8 / S8 Epson X7 / W7 / S7 EPSON , the world's leading manufacturer in the sale of projectors, has just launched a new batch of projectors, with an economical range and surprising features . These are 6 models of the EB-7 and EB-8 series, which offer options for any market segment and satisfy a wide range of needs, whether we are in the training sector, business environment, or an individual looking for a affordable and versatile projector for entertainment. Its luminosity is excellent: it ranges from 2200 to 2500 lumens , and they are suitable for both school and institute classrooms, presentations in meeting rooms, or domestic use. Depending on the budget that we want to allocate, we can also choose between 3 different resolutions: the cheapest SVGA, the standard XGA, and the superior one for High Definition and wide screen: the so-called Wide XGA or WXGA. Let's see in detail the different models of Epson's new EB-7 and EB-8 series:
Projector Resolution Lumens HDMI USB High Def. Ratio Proy. Price
Epson EB-S7 SVGA 2300 No No No 1.45 - 1.96: 1 € 465
Epson EB-X7 XGA 2200 No No No 1.48 - 1.77: 1 520 €
Epson EB-W7 WXGA 2200 No No 720p 1.30 - 1.56: 1 € 599 HD 720
Epson EB-S8 SVGA 2500 No No No 1.45 - 1.96: 1 € 399 OFFER
Epson EB-X8 XGA 2500 Yes Yes No 1.48 - 1.77: 1 € 475 OFFER
Epson EB-W8 WXGA 2500 Yes Yes 720p 1.30 - 1.56: 1 € 684 HD 720
Save on maintenance Your lamp has a useful life of 5,000 hours in economy / low consumption mode, so it can operate for several years without having to change it. Extremely light It weighs only 2.3 kg! The new Epson projectors are lightweight and include a practical protective carrying case. Accessories are kept in a safe place and can be accessed in seconds. Elegant Attractive and practical at the same time. These projectors combine an attractive, modern look with a compact design and low weight. A / V mute slide cap The slide cap on the lens can instantly cut the beam so that your audience is solely focused on you. Quick and easy to use »Ready to go in just 5 seconds, and shuts down almost instantly without waiting for it to cool down - no more waiting to unplug and put it away. »The HDMI digital video connection in the X8 and W8 models allows you to enjoy the highest image quality in High Definition, connecting a DVD, Blu-Ray, PS3 , or multimedia disk. »The USB memory slot (in X8 and W8) allows you to make presentations without a computer, as well as take a slide show with just plugging in a USB stick. 1280 x 800 widescreen resolution (W7 and W8 only) »The same resolution as most notebook computers, so the projector can project exactly what appears on the computer screen without having to adjust anything. »WXGA resolution offers 30% more space compared to XGA resolution. Common characteristics for the EB-7 and EB-8 series »Lamp Life (Eco / Normal): 5000/4000 hours» Weight: 2.3 Kg »Contrast: 2000: 1» Noise (Eco / Normal): 29/34 dB »Kesytone correction: +/- 30º» Audio output: Yes (except X8 and W8 models) »Spare parts: ref. ELPLP54 lamp and ref. ELPAF25 air filter »Projector warranty: 3 years» Lamp warranty: 1 year or 1000 hours (the usual thing in the market is that manufacturers give only 3 months warranty on lamps) In summary, these new projectors have a value for money excellent, and can be purchased with all the peace of mind and guarantees that only a leading manufacturer such as Epson can give. Call us and we will help you find the model that best suits your needs.
Rubén Padrós
Sales Dept.
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