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New payment method Renting projectors

Technological renting At ProyectoresOK we have a new payment system, Renting. % F1% Perfect to reduce the initial investment and to be able to renew equipment when it becomes obsolete.% F1.FI%
Renting is a solution that allows you to easily anticipate your technological, financial and economic needs. % F0% Service only available for companies% F0.FI% .
Advantages of renting
-The disbursement of the investment is not advanced , you will pay the installments with the resources that the company is generating. -Improves liquidity and the credit capacity with financial institutions (CIRBE) is maintained to be able to undertake strategic investments. -It does not affect the company's balance sheets , it does not have to be amortized. Only monthly / quarterly expense is counted. -Comfort in planning payments constant installments throughout the contract. -Fiscal Benefits The renting fees are 100% deductible. -The teams will always be at the forefront of technology , thanks to their renewal after the expiration of the contract. In this way, obsolescence will be avoided and company image will be gained. No financial effort.
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