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New professional range Epson 5000 lumen projectors

The new projectors for audiovisual installation of the Epson EB-G5600 series provide luminosities from 4000 to 5200 lumens, and are perfect for any use where a large screen is needed as well as a projector that lasts many hours running without problems.
Model Resolution Lumens HD Wifi With Lens Without Lens
EB-G5600 XGA 1024x768 4500 No Opt € 2,249 € 2,080
EB-G5950 XGA 1024x768 5200 No Yes € 2,900 € 2,650
EB-G5650W WXGA 1280x800 4500 Yes, 720p Yes € 2,795 € 2,499
EB-G5450WU FullHD 1920x1200 4000 Yes, 1080p Yes € 3,100 (n / d)
EB-G5750WU FullHD 1920x1200 4500 Yes, 1080p Yes € 3,450 € 3,100
Projector with interchangeable optics Projector with interchangeable optics This range of projectors has 5 interchangeable lenses that allow us to obtain the desired image size from the available projection distance, perfectly adapting to the specific needs of each installation. These optics are very versatile, they allow vertical and horizontal adjustment ( Lens Shift ), so they can even project diagonally (from a side or a corner of the room) without distorting the image.
Lens Model Reference Ratio Proy. Zoom Pant measures. Price (*)
Standard Lens ELPLS05 1.3 - 2.4 1.8x 30 - 300 " € 890
Short Distance Lens ELPLR03 0.78 No Zoom 30 - 200 " € 1,450
Medium Distance Lens 1 ELPLM04 2.4 - 3.6 1.5x 40 - 300 " € 1,450
Medium Distance Lens 2 ELPLM05 3.5 - 5.4 1.5x 40 - 300 " € 1,450
Long Distance Lens ELPLL06 5.3 - 7.2 1.35x 40 - 300 " € 1,450
*) Consult discounts buying a set of projector + optics. Project without cables: WiFi projector All projectors in this series (except EB-G5600) have a wireless WiFi connection for cable-free projections. In all Epson projectors the Wi-Fi and network projection functionality is compatible with both Windows and Mac: in Windows XP and Mac you only have to install one software, while in Windows Vista and Windows 7 you will not even need that to connect for example from a laptop and start projecting: it is the so-called Network Projector function. For the EB-G5600 model, the ELPAP03 WiFi module can be purchased as an option. Very high performance and scalability at a low price We can use several projectors at the same time to generate the same superimposed image ( stacking ), and use 2 projectors to obtain 10,000 lumens , or 3 to obtain 15,000 lumens , at a cost several times less than what they would have projectors of those high luminic powers.
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