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New projector Home Cinema Epson TW6600W

Epson 3D projector Contrast Lumens HDMI 3-D glasses Wifi Colour Price
Epson TW6600 70,000: 1 2,500 2 Includes 1 No Black € 1,159
Epson TW6600W 70,000: 1 2,500 5 Includes 1 Yes White € 1,409

Introducing the new Epson EH-TW6600 and EH-TW6600W home theater projectors . These projectors have a perfect Full HD resolution for home theater and football, and together with their very high contrast of 70,000: 1 they will give us spectacular images, with very intense colors and a high degree of detail.

Both the TW6600 and the TW6600W are 3D projectors and come with free 3D glasses . These glasses are radio frequency and are also rechargeable. Another interesting point about the 3D of this projector is that it has a refresh rate twice as fast as usual, which provides much brighter and flicker-free 3D images.

The Epson TW6600 and TW6600W have Lens Shift These projectors have a very versatile lens, with Vertical and Horizontal Lens Shift that allows us to project diagonally without deforming the image and without having to apply digital corrections with which we would lose resolution and brightness. They also have a very wide zoom that will give us maximum flexibility when installing it.

Both models are identical in terms of quality and projection characteristics, but the TW6600W (manufactured in white) is also wireless: it incorporates an emitter with 5 HDMI inputs which will allow us to project movies without the need for cables, up to FullHD 3D and without the slightest loss of quality.

Get it from ProjectorsOK with a 3-year warranty on projector and lamp
Buy in ProjectorsOK and you will have Epson Warranty of 3 years on lamp and projector Secure your investment: Only if you buy your 3D Full HD projector at ProjectoresOK.com will you get an Official Epson Spain Warranty of 3 years, both on the projector and the lamp. This is an exceptional guarantee , which you will not find in other stores (which give 1 or 2 years on the projector and 6 months on the lamp, and without assistance from Spain).

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