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PowerPoint Presentations Without a Computer with Optoma EH470

The Optoma EH470 is a projector with high brightness and high resolution FullHD, which will be perfect for those sites that will use a large screen.

The range of EH470 is designed for the business world since we can make our presentations without a computer , directly from a USB. Projects PowerPoint files as well as other Office documents and PDFs from USB , a practical function that very few projectors have.

The EH470 comes equipped with a powerful 5000 lumen lamp that provides brilliant images for bright environments or large screens .

In addition, this entire range of Optoma High Brightness projectors has excellent connectivity: 2 HDMI inputs, wired network connection , and optional WiFi connection through the Optoma WiFi module.

The models that make up the range of Optoma EH470 are these:

OPTOMA X46150001024x7684:31.6-1.9:1£725
OPTOMA W46150001280x80016:101.3-1.5:1£789
OPTOMA WU47050001920x120016:101.4-2.1:1£912
OPTOMA EH47050001920x108016:91.4-2.1:1£957
OPTOMA EH460ST42001920x108016:90,5:1 (corta dist.)£1,177

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