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Professional passive 3D projection system

3D projection support The passive 3D projection system is perfect for those projections where we are going to have a large audience, since the glasses used are very cheap.
The price of these 3D glasses can be around 2 to 3 euros Vs 70 euros for active glasses.
How does it work?
Polarized filters For passive 3D projection, 2 projectors are used where each projector is equipped with a polarized filter, this filter polarizes the light from each of the projectors differently, one emits vertically polarized light and the other horizontally. Thanks to this polarized light, the two projectors generate a single superimposed image, which using the polarized glasses we can see separately with each eye and thus we will see a single 3D image, without color distortion and without flickering.
Why use a Passive 3D System?
Polarized filters Passive 3D projection is perfect for projections with a large audience since the glasses are much cheaper than active glasses. In this type of projection you can use cardboard glasses with an approximate price of 2-5 euros, which will reduce the final cost if it is events with a large audience. We can even customize the cardboard glasses for our event, which will be perfect for presentations of new products or services of our company. Active glasses are much more expensive than passive glasses since they have a price of € 50 to € 70 which makes it unfeasible for a large group of attendees and they also have other drawbacks, since they have to be recharged, changed batteries, etc.
Ask us for more information
In ProjectorsOK we have all the necessary material to carry out passive 3D projections, you can request more information by phone or email.
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