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Projectors for Education, and practical advice

Education projectors, video projectors for schools and institutes For years now, the use of projectors and interactive whiteboards for educational and training purposes has been spreading rapidly in schools across the country. Schools, institutes and universities as well as language schools and driving schools can take advantage of the opportunity to improve the quality of their training offer , so it is important to take into account some tips when buying projectors .

Short Throw Projectors
As a general rule, we recommend using these projectors, as they allow you to place the projector much closer to the screen or interactive whiteboard than with conventional projectors. By being closer to the projected image, the teacher is prevented from being 'in the middle' of the light beam, which in turn avoids 2 things: shadows in the projection, and glare to the teacher and students who come out to the blackboard . As for their installation, it is simpler, since they are fixed with wall brackets instead of having to do it on the ceiling. Examples: Vivitek DX881ST and Epson EB-530.
· Short distance to the limit> Ultra-short throw projectors: Thanks to their special optics, they manage to project while practically glued to the wall (example: Epson EB-680).
· Interactive Projectors: They transform any surface into an interactive whiteboard, thanks to the built-in sensors. There are models with an electronic pen (eg Epson 536Wi and 685Wi) and also with a sensor so that the board can be touched with the finger (eg Epson 695Wi).

ProyectorLente CortaInteractivoResoluciónLumensPrecio
Epson EB-530Corta DistanciaNoXGA3200£556
Epson EB-536WiCorta DistanciaSí, boliWXGA3400£734
Epson EB-680Ultracorta DistanciaNoXGA3500£800
Epson EB-685WiUltracorta DistanciaSí, boliWXGA3500£1,023
Epson EB-695WiUltracorta DistanciaSí, dedo y boliWXGA3500£1,237

Which projectors and screens to use in Education and Training:
For primary classrooms, SVGA or XGA projectors and 2500-3000 lumens and 1.8m wide screens may suffice. Examples: Ricoh X2440 and Epson EB-X39.

In institutes, academies, driving schools and small university classrooms, the minimum resolution would be XGA and High Definition HD recommended, with a brightness of 2500 to 3500 lumens. These better features will allow us to project a larger image without losing the level of detail and make presentations in classes with more light. Use screens 1.8 to 2m wide. E.g. Epson EB-W42.

For any other environment where there are large classrooms (auditoriums, universities, etc.), High Definition HD and High Definition FullHD of at least 4000-5000 lumens are recommended, and screens of 2.5-3 meters. See article on projectors for large classrooms .

Save on maintenance costs
The factor that most determines the maintenance cost of projectors is their lamp, which has a limited life and a high acquisition cost. When choosing a projector it is good to take into account:
· That it has a lamp life as long as possible: until now they lasted 3000-4000 hours but recently projectors with lamps that last even 10,000 hours have appeared.
· Make the replacement lamp as economical as possible: lamps in today's education projectors cost around 100-150 euros.
· Led projectors ? Although it is very tempting to forget about replacement lamps, the existing led projectors on the market either do not have enough brightness, or they have an additional cost equivalent to buying 2-3 lamps together with the projector, so it only makes sense if we want to forget about maintenance and have a higher budget (example: %HREF_1274%Casio XJ-V2%HREF_1274.FI%).

Manufacturer's Warranty: A good way to protect your investment in projectors for education is to buy projectors with more than 2 years of Warranty. Epson and Hitachi offer a 3 and 5 year warranty on their projectors. In addition, the more prestigious the manufacturer has, the better its Warranty conditions will be, and thus we make sure to easily find spare parts and Technical Assistance in case of need (in this aspect Epson are the most recommended for us).

We hope we have cleared up some doubts about projectors for Education and Training , but just contact us by email or at 93 503 47 43

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