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Projectors for Education and Training, academic year 2010-2011

Projectors for Education and Training, projector for schools, language academies, driving schools, institutes ... The new course is here, and with the classrooms still quiet, the hustle is now for the directors and managers of the centers, preparing everything so that it is ready and this is a good academic year, full of good experiences and knowledge for the students. The use of projectors , interactive whiteboards , and now also computers with internet is spreading rapidly. All this technology represents a revolution in the classroom, they are new teaching tools, but they also represent an arduous task for those responsible for the centers, to provide them with this material and the necessary infrastructures for their correct operation ... At ProyectoresOK we have been advising for years to educational centers throughout the country, and with this article we want to complement and update what was told a few months ago in Projectors for Education, practical advice . To take advantage of this opportunity to improve the Quality of Training, it is important to be correct when buying projectors and interactive whiteboards . The Projection Distance is very important: it has to be as short as possible to avoid shadows in the projection, and glare to the teacher and students who come to the board. In this regard, it should go short - throw projectors such as Mitsubishi EW230ST or even better: Projectors away Ultrashort : Epson EB-440W · Epson EB-450Wi To save the maximum cost of maintenance, we must look at projectors lamps last up to 5000-6000 hours: Epson X8 · Mitsubishi XD280 · Epson EB-85 And another good way to save is the Education Packs , which include replacement lamps with the projector. In Epson are the models ending with the plus sign (+): Epson S7 + Epson X7 + Mitsubishi XD221 EDU (last units) (special mention: Last unit education pack of the Epson 410W + Short Distance projector ) Epson Interactive Projectors, the best option to have an Interactive Whiteboard in class If you want to install interactive whiteboards in your classes, don't hesitate, the best option is the projectors with integrated interactive whiteboard from Epson: The EB-450Wi widescreen 16: 10 and the EB- 460i format 4: 3. With these options you will save money and annoyance, because in a single device you have an ultra-short distance projector and the interactive whiteboard, at an unbeatable price. This solution improves in 3 key aspects the interactive whiteboards that had until now:
  • Larger : you can have a larger interactive whiteboard than the usual ones: up to 2m wide, compared to 1.5m for 'normal' interactive whiteboards.
  • More Resistant : even if the surface of the traditional whiteboard is scratched or broken, nothing happens, you still have your interactive whiteboard intact.
  • It does not require changing blackboards : you can use the existing blackboards in your center as an interactive projection area, whether they are chalk or marker. As if you want to use the wall!
We install projectors and interactive whiteboards in schools, language academies, driving schools, institutes ... Installation : Whoever does the installation of the projectors in the classrooms is right for you ... This task can only be carried out by specialized personnel, and we have already seen quite a few fudges installed .. All the materials used must comply with current regulations on safety, Even more so when children are exposed to these materials every day! Non-toxicity (no lead, no heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, etc.), that they are flame retardant, etc. It is certified by the RoHs, non-Pb, CE, WEEE seals ... Besides, as the projectors are suspended from the ceiling or wall, they must be extremely subject. You already know that with children all precautions are little . In a few days we will launch a new section of Installation Packs for Education , customizable sets of projector and interactive whiteboard (or screen) that will make your life easier, since they include everything you need to carry out audiovisual installations : gutters, wiring, documentation and even the screws! If you are responsible for the center, with these packs and your trusted plumber or your maintenance staff you can do it with all the guarantees without needing anything or anyone else. And if you are a professional installer but you didn't dare with projectors, this is what you needed, take advantage of all our experience! We make it impossible for you ... Subscribe to our Newsletter and you will have access to this new exclusive tool from ProjectorsOK. For any questions, send us an email with your case to projectors@proyectoresOK.com , or call us at 93 503 47 43: We will be happy to help you.
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