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Projectors on Sale and News November'09

See Offers updated to February 2011 by clicking here Projectors on offer Excellent machines at unbeatable prices:
Nec NP115 € 349
% HREF_80%Nec NP115 projector offer
2500 lumens. Economical SVGA projector, powerful
Epson EB-X8 € 475
% HREF_81%Offer Epson EB-X8 XGA projector with HDMI
2500 lumens. 2.3Kg, HDMI,
USB: JPG image viewer.
Launch promotion
Sanyo PLC-XU78 € 699
% HREF_82%Sanyo XU78 projector offer
3000 lumens.
Last units
Epson EB-1735W € 1,299
% HREF_83%Offer Epson 1735W portable projector
3000 lumens. Superlight, WiFi. Recommended ProjectorsOK
Nec NP3250 € 2,250
Offer Nec NP3250 projector 5000 lumens WiFi projector
5000 lumens. Wifi. Lens Shift. Recommended ProjectorsOK
Mitsu. WD3300U € 2,744
Offer Mitsubishi WD3300 projector HD projector 4000 lumens 16: 9
4000 lumens. HD projector. 26dB. Motorized Lens Shift
6000-hour lamp projectors New Epson and Mitsubishi models that will allow us to forget about changing a lamp for a long time, ideal if the projector is used intensively for several hours a day:
Epson EB-84 € 649
% HREF_86%6000h Epson EB-84 Projector
2600 lumens. Consult Promo Education with 2nd lamp.
Epson EB-85 € 899
% HREF_87%6000h Epson EB-85 WiFi Projector, USB
2600 lumens. WiFi projector, USB. Consult Promo Education 2nd lamp.
Epson EB-825 € 1,208
% HREF_88%6000h Epson EB-825 WiFi, USB Projector
3000 lumens, WiFi Projector, USB. Consult Promo Edu. 2nd lamp.
Epson EB-826W € 1,260
% HREF_89%Projector 6000h Epson EB-826W WiFi, USB
3000 lumens, Panoramic, WiFi, USB. Consult Promo Edu. 2nd lamp.
Mitsubishi XD250U 599 €
% HREF_90%6000h projector Mitsubishi XD250
2700 lumens, HDMI connector.
Mitsubishi XD280U € 699
% HREF_91%6000h projector Mitsubishi XD280
3000 lumens, HDMI connector.
If you have doubts about which projector you need, contact us! We will help you choose the best projector for your specific case.
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