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Short throw and ultra short throw projectors

Short throw and ultra short throw projectors Short throw projectors, ultra short throw Although the trend is to equip projectors with increasingly shorter optics, for some time projector manufacturers have been launching models specially designed for short-distance projection , and some models even take this feature to the limit: the so-called ultra projection. short . This is due to the fact that it is being seen how useful it is to be able to project images without having to find the speaker 'in the middle' of the projection, and thus avoid shadows in the projected image and glare to the teacher or presenter. The technique is simple: while 'normal' projectors need a certain distance to project an N-inch image, short throw projectors manage, through wide-angle optics, to project an image of the same image. measured from much closer. In addition, by incorporating mirror systems, manufacturers have achieved projectors with even shorter distances, known as ultra short throw projectors . An example of this is the NEC WT610 , which manages to project a 40-inch image while being only 5.5cm from the screen! Comparison table for Short Distance Projectors (March 2009)
Projector Resolution Dist. 60 " Tecn. Lumens Contrast Noise Weight Price €
Mitsubishi XD500U-ST XGA Short 83cm DLP 2000 2500: 1 26dB 3.3Kg 945 Silent, Includes bag
Epson EMP-400W Wide XGA Short 65cm LCD 1800 500: 1 28dB 3.6Kg 989 Panoramic, With network / RJ45
Epson EB-1720 XGA Short 133cm LCD 3000 2000: 1 30dB 1.7Kg 1,129 USB, Portable, Includes bag
Nec WT610 XGA Ultra short 26cm DLP 2000 3500: 1 32dB 6.4Kg 1,799 Network, DVI input, USB
Hitachi CP-A100 XGA Utracorta 42cm LCD 2500 500: 1 29dB 5.8Kg 1,776 Very powerful! With network / RJ45
An important advantage of all the above-mentioned projectors that is often overlooked is that by projecting so closely, they get very bright images (exceeding 400 lux for 60 inches), which is appreciated, because it is It is a pity to sometimes see powerful projectors installed too far away or with a lot of ambient light, which give a weak or not very impressive image. Finally ... With short throw and ultra short throw projectors, a world of new possibilities has opened up not only in classrooms and meeting rooms for presentations, but also in public places and advertising windows, where the viewer is very near the 'screen'. If you doubt which short throw projector to choose, ask us! You can call us at 93 503 47 43 or send us your questions to Proyectores@proyectoresOK.com Greetings!
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