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Short Throw Projector: Mitsubishi EW230U-ST

The Mitsubishi EW-230U-ST projector is a short throw projector . It incorporates a wide angle lens with a projection ratio of 0.5: 1, which will allow us to make an image of 2 meters wide from only 1 meter away. These types of projectors are very useful when we want to project on a digital board or when our projection distance is limited. A short throw projector like the EW230 allows you to make a large screen by projecting from very close, avoiding shadows on the projected image. The EW230 is a panoramic projector and produces crisp and bright high definition images. In addition, it is ready to project 3D images (it is a 3D Ready projector ). With the EW230 we will also save on maintenance since it has a lamp with a long duration of 4,000 hours.
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