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Sony VPL-CX21, Versatile portable projector with 2100 lumens

Sony VPL-CX21 Projector The VPL-CX21 takes up less space than most notebook computers; its height is only 52 mm and it weighs less than 2 kg. Its innovative size is complemented by an attractive Sony design, with an aluminum finish and rounded shapes, which gives it great comfort on the move and allows it to be easily carried by hand. High brightness High brightness of 2100 ANSI lumens Sharp resolution Native XGA resolution Six picture modes Picture modes (Game, Living Room, Cinema, Dynamic, Standard and Presentation) allow you to quickly and easily adjust the image according to the application being used prefer at all times. Password protection If the password protection function is enabled, the projector cannot be used without first entering the password. A warning sticker is supplied, which can be attached to the projector to deter potential thieves.Sony CX21 Portable Projector Control panel lock This function locks the control buttons located on the side of the projector to prevent unauthorized or inadvertent use. Even if this function is activated, you can still use the remote control. The control panel lock can be enabled or disabled. Ceiling mount The VPL-CX21 and VPL-CS21 are ceiling mountable. Environmental benefits Lead-free solder has been used on all parts, including electrodes for circuitry components. Slim and compact Its height of only 5.2 cm makes it easy to carry it in a bag or hand.Sony CX21 projector Auto setup with auto focus Press the power button and the projector will automatically perform the following steps, which will ensure ease of operation: 1. The lens protector opens automatically (prevents loss of lens cap). 2. The projector will tilt at a previously used angle. 3. Automatic keystone correction is activated 4. Built-in Auto Focus module adjusts focus 5. Automatic signal search is performed Smart APA function automatically aligns pixels Now you can start your presentation. Off & Go function So that you can take the device away as soon as you turn it off without waiting a minute The fan continues to cool the projector lamp after disconnection, allowing the user to unplug the projector as soon as the presentation is finished without damaging the lamp (other projectors require a few moments after use for ventilation). Accepts HD content The Sony CX21 allows you to project High Definition images at 720p and 1080i.
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