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Sony VPL-EX5, New generation multipurpose projector

Sony VPL-EX5 Projector The new Sony VPL-EX5 2000 lumens projector incorporates 3-panel 0.63 "BrightEra LCD inorganic panels from Sony. This unique system minimizes color degradation and achieves higher brightness and more accurate images, even on bright rooms, as well as being more reliable and durable Perfect for classrooms, corporate or personal use, the 2,000 lumens, the high contrast ratio of 900: 1 and the XGA resolution of VPL-EX5% HREF_26. FI%, provide accurate presentations and vivid color video or game graphics Short Throw Projection Get accurate 80 "(diagonal) images from just 2.3m. Ideal for small meeting rooms, classrooms, and personal use. 3-LDC with BrightEra Technology Sony's new 0.63 "BrightEra 3-LCD inorganic panels provide improved panel lightfastness, resolution, brightness and panel reliability. Integrated optical shift Integrated 8 degree tilt angle ensures that images are automatically squared when projected on a wall Easy installation and operation The Sony EX5 offers a variety of features that make installation and operation quick and easy. User-friendly features The mechanism The height adjustment is located at the rear for easy viewing of the effects of movement on the image. The control panel is located on the top of the unit for easy operation. 12-bit 3D gamma correction Access password protected, control panle lock and security bar to prevent accidental changes or unauthorized adjustments. Insurance Acce Optional password, control panel lock, and cable and security bar to prevent theft, misuse and tampering in classrooms or meeting rooms. Detailed zoom 4x digital zoom allows you to better examine the entire presentation. Affordable Energy savings and increased longevity. Image freeze function This function allows you to freeze the image while loading new presentations. Silent Front ventilation design and silent fan technology prevent heat and noise from being directed at attendees. Quick start-up and quick completion The projector can display PC images or video in as little as 4 seconds after turning it on and can be unplugged and moved shortly after turning it off. Dynamic Detail Enhancer (DDE) This technology generates high-quality images using the interlaced / progressive conversion processor, resulting in truly accurate reproductions. 6 picture modes The Dynamic, Standard, Game, Living Room, Cinema and Presentation picture modes allow you to get the best performance from light and projected content.
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