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The best interactive touch projector Epson EB-595Wi

Projector Resolution Lumens Tactile Optics Price
Epson EB-595Wi Panoramic HD 3300 Finger and pen Ultra Short € 1,795
Epson EB-585Wi Panoramic HD 3300 Pen Ultra Short € 1,650
Epson EB-575Wi Panoramic HD 2700 Pen Ultra Short € 1,250 OFFER

In OK projectors, we have tested what is the best interactive projector on the market so far: the Epson EB-595Wi. This projector automatically converts the surface where we project into a tactile interactive whiteboard , without the need to install any special whiteboard or any software.

In addition, the interactive function of the EB-595Wi allows us to work directly with our finger without the need for an electronic pen , as if it were a giant tablet. We can also use the 2 pens that are included with the projector.

These interactive projectors are multi-touch and allow 2 people to work at the same time . In the case of Epson 595Wi, we can do it either with the electronic pen or with our finger indistinctly.

Throughout this range, with the optional WiFi module, we can connect a mobile phone, iPad or Android tablet directly to the projector without a computer and making the entire presentation from the tablet.

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