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The projector that increases store sales

The new Epson EV-100 and EV-105 led projectors have been specifically designed for the retail sector, shops and commercial premises : They are perfect for making projections on products that we want to sell, making them much more attractive to customers, and thus attracting the attention of our target audience and increasing sales. Thanks to its very high contrast and FullHD high definition we can carry out mapping projections on objects , obtaining extremely defined images and a spectacular effect in our store, commercial premises, jewelry, or art gallery.

This spotlight-shaped projector makes the EV-100 / EV-105 be perfectly integrated with the rest of the decoration of the shop and go unnoticed, since It can be hung on the rails where the commercial premises light bulbs go. To fully adapt to every need, this projector is available in white (model EV-100) and in black (model EV-105).
Spotlight-shaped projector for shops, galleries, and commercial premises The new led projector EV-100 / EV-105 is designed to work autonomously, without the need for a connected computer: Your options for digital signage (digital signage) allow, for example, to loop videos and images from a USB stick or a microSD memory, as well as the hourly and daily programming of the projected content . We can predefine logos or decorations for special dates such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc. and activate them with the push of a button on the remote control. We can also update your content at any time via WiFi or network, being able to even manage it remotely .

Don't wait any longer and give your store a sophisticated, modern and spectacular touch! Call us and we will give you a personalized solution to the specific needs of your business.

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