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Toshiba TLP-XD2000, a portable projector at an excellent price

Toshiba TLP-XD2000 projector The Toshiba TLP-XD2000 has the features and functionality to be a strong competitor in the highly competitive XGA projector market. The XD2000 is an excellent choice as a low cost laptop. With its 2000 lumens and a sharp image it's a great buy for € 475 Overview The Toshiba TLP-XD2000 projector is mounted with an attractive casing, with a subdued black and silver, finished with a chrome. The bottom of the housing has three adjustable feet for precise leveling and height adjustment of the projection. The upper part of the projector has a control panel, for the access menu. In addition to the menu controls, the volume can be raised or lowered without entering the menu system. The XD2000 has three image modes. Numbered from one to three. Image Mode 1 allows for a bright image, ideal for text presentations to large audiences. Modes 2 and 3 have focused on color and are great for displaying photos. The fan power of the XD2000 is not exceptionally high, even though we have seen quieter models. In economy mode it reduces noise to a low hum. Performance For use in presentations, the XD2000 performs very well. With the lamp in high brightness and the use of the Imaging Modes, the measurements show 1845 lumens. Considering that according to its manufacturer, the XD2000 is rated at 2000 lumens, this performance is impressive. Using the lamp in economy mode reduces lumens by 20% to 1475, ideal for smaller screens or in rooms with dimmer lighting. Mode 3 is used to offer better colors, ideal for viewing photos or any other high-contrast material, including video. Conclusion The Toshiba TLP-XD2000 earns high marks for excellent ease of use and great image quality. Overall, the XD2000 is a great choice both as a portable projector and for fixed installations in meeting rooms. With an excellent price of € 475 this projector is a good investment. In addition, promotionally there is the possibility of acquiring it with a replacement lamp for only € 100 more! (The cost of the lamp purchased separately is about € 250)
Eric Sala
Sales Dept.
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