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Video Wall with NEC (Edge Blending) projectors

Nec projector Resolution Lumens HD Price
Nec PA500X XGA 1024x768 5,000 No € 2,250
Nec PA600X XGA 1024x768 6,000 No € 2,990
Nec PA550W WXGA 1280x800 5,500 HD 720p € 3,250
Nec PA500U WUXGA 1920x1200 5,000 FullHD 1080p 5,568

At ProjectorsOK we wanted to test the Nec from the professional Performance Advanced series, installation projectors that can be configured very easily and economically in Edge Blending , to make a Video Wall with projectors .

Edge Blending is a system that allows you to use several projectors at the same time to generate a much brighter and high definition image on a budget. It also allows to generate an elongated projection, with image formats other than 4: 3 or 16: 9, concatenating several projectors by placing them side by side or one on top of the other.

In this case, with 2 XGA projectors of 5,000 lumens Nec PA500X, placed side by side, we get 10,000 lumens and a resolution equivalent to Full HD.

Calibration of these projectors in Edge Blending is done automatically, substantially reducing installation and adjustment time. For them to work together, we only have to connect the two projectors in a network, and run the calibration program from a computer with a webcam. The automatic process takes a few minutes and thanks to it we will achieve a single image perfectly superimposed and without noticing that it is made up of several projectors.

Connections The new range of Nec PA500X offers a wide range of connections, including on all HDMI and DisplayPort models. Through an optional module they also have a wireless WiFi connection.

Interchangeable Optics This Nec range has a wide range of interchangeable lenses, to perfectly adapt to the needs of each installation:

Nec NP11FL OpticsNec NP12ZL opticsNec NP13ZL opticsNec NP14ZL opticsNec NP15ZL optics
Lens Model Nec Short Lens / Rear Proj. Proy lens. Close Standard Lens Medium Distance Lens Long Distance Lens
Reference NP11FL NP12ZL NP13ZL NP14ZL NP15ZL
Ratio Proy. 0.8: 1 1.2 - 1.5: 1 1.5 - 3: 1 3 - 4.8: 1 4.7 - 7.2: 1
Price (*) € 1,590 € 1,590 € 390 € 1,590 € 1,590
*) Consult discounts buying a set of projector + optics.

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